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What is the best TCM School or Acupuncture School: General Considerations

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College (JJTCMC), a private TCM and Acupuncture college located in Markham, Ontario, Canada, provides the following as a guide to what makes the best Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture school, college, or program. If you find yourself navigating a sea of dizzying options, it is our hope that what follows provides you with your direction.

In this series we will discuss in detail those considerations from which one may select their own list of criteria to judge a school, college, or program in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture. Today's topic for discussion are general considerations in selecting the best TCM or Acupuncture school or program.


• Meets Regulatory College Requirements: The country and province or state in which you wish to work post-graduation dictates which, if any, regulatory examination(s) one must pass in order to legally operate within the regulated profession. Ensure that you are aware of the requirements set by the regulatory college in order for one to be eligible to write any licensing examination(s); the selected TCM or Acupuncture program should satisfy all requirements by the time that you graduate. For ease of reference, the regulatory bodies for the profession in select Canadian provinces are as follows:

• Location (km): The distance one must travel to school. Note, even if JJTCMC is beyond your threshold of daily commuting, we offer hybrid online learning wherein some theoretical courses are attended online, and practical and remaining theoretical courses are completed onsite and all assessments are to be completed onsite. In other words, a school or program who meets or exceeds all other criteria save for location, may have an e-learning option which may decrease the weighting of this parameter.

• Duration to Graduation (years): How long will it take you to completed your desired program of choice based on yours and the school’s schedule? Here, it is important to consider your availability to attend classes as scheduled on a part-time, full-time, or even an accelerated basis – all of which, are available at JJTCMC.

• Duration of Program Operation: This refers to how long the school or college in question has been operating the program being considered; naturally, an older program age has a greater likelihood of corresponding to a more mature program offering than a younger program age. For example, though the majority of the population in Ontario assign a subconscious prestige to public Universities and Colleges when compared with private colleges, TCM and Acupuncture program offerings in public colleges is new whereas certain private colleges have been dedicated to offering such programs for many years.



We provide authentic clinic-oriented and affordable top quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture diploma programs, certificates, courses, and CEUs for all skill levels including but not limited to R.ACs, R.TCMPs, RMTs, PTs, D.Cs and the public.


To provide the highest level of authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine instruction in order to produce quality Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals and thereby, by virtue of producing efficacious Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine use to the general public. In short, our objective is to make quality Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals accessible to all and we start by ensuring access to quality Traditional Chinese Medicine education is affordable and flexible.

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