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Student Admissions

Everything you need to know about getting started at JJTCMC

Student Admissions: Admissions

Admission Requirements

Language Requirements

As all instruction, and examination is in English, knowledge of Mandarin is not required.

Education Requirements

Applicants must have a minimum education of a High School diploma.

Geographical Requirements

Out-of-province are welcome; there is no difference in cost for such applicants.

eLearning Eligibility

E-Learning eligibility is granted if an applicant's commute to the school by car is equal to or greater than 1 hour in duration. Note, distance learners only attend theoretical courses remotely in real-time; they are still required to attend all practical courses and  theoretical course assessments in-person.

Credit Transfers

All students applying for transfer of credit must submit official transcripts, lecture notes and course descriptions detailed with content and hours of training to JJTCMC for evaluation. Students must take evaluation exam for courses where credit is transferred and must receive a minimum of 70% of marks. The total fee for bulk transfer is $300. The school reserves the right to accept or reject transfer of credit for any student from any other institute.

Admissions Process

Though official start-dates of all programs of study are September and January of each year, it is possible for applicants to commence their studies at any time of year; contact us for more details.

Step 1: Student Registration - Complete and submit a hard or soft copy of a student registration form along with a registration fee of $100.

Step 2: Payment Schedule Agreement - Sign a contract with JJTCMC to enter into a payment schedule that is agreed upon by both parties. Generally, payment schedules span from as low as dividing the program tuition by the number of its full-time duration of study in months to as high as paying the program tuition fee in full in a single installment. For additional information, please review the School Policy's Payment and Refund subsection.

Step 3: Begin payments and commence your studies.

Financial Aid

President scholarship ($3000) awarded to 2 students each year: This prestigious scholarship is offered by the President of JJTCMC John Jinhong Liu to students who exemplify acdemic excellence. 


• Student must have paid tuition in full that year.
• Student must submit a written biography of their educational background, English capability, and passion for TCM. 

• Student must have passed all courses in his/her program.

Though OSAP is not yet avilable for studies at our school, we are actively working towards OSAP approval and offer monthly payment option without extra interest.

For self-funding ideas, third-party scholarship and bursary searches, conventional credit vehicles such as loans and line of credits, please visit:

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