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How to Memorize Acupuncture Points and TCM Herbs – Learning Styles

Updated: May 3, 2021

Here at JJTCMC we make the authentic accessible to all audiences. In this blog series on study tips for TCM and Acupuncture, we will offer some study methods to consider on your journey throughout your Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) education. Note that these study tools and techniques can be applied to any subject be it TCM, Acupuncture, or other. Remember, equip yourself with the tools you need to succeed now and throughout your professional career; this means that the aim is not to simply remember something to pass a test; rather, it is to commit information to your long term memory. Now, here is the problem: what is the quickest or most effective ways to commit things to long term memory? At JJTCMC, we empower and encourage our students to work smart not hard; read on to learn how!

Today’s discussion is focused on leveraging your learning style.


Ever wonder why one study method might work really well for one person and not at all for another? In theory, this is due to innate personal preferences to visual, auditory, or tactile learning. Though the jury is still out concerning whether acquisition is improved as a result of using a preferred learning style vs not, it is generally accepted that engaging in learning in accordance with one’s learning preference is less daunting and as a result more enjoyable. So, in the interest of not dreading your independent study sessions:

  1. Find out what your learning style/preference is (there are loads of online tests available on this topic)

  2. Confirm your learning style/preference by employing learning methods that have been categorized in this blog series as a particular learning style. For ease of reference, here they are:

Songs – Auditory Learning Style

Touch – Tactile Learning Style

Memory Palace – Visual Learning Style

Visual Aides – Visual Learning Style

To conclude this series, we leave you with one final tip:

don’t be afraid to re-invent a study method described in this blog series as a different learning style.

For instance, record yourself saying the visuals of a memory palace and you have converted it into an auditory method, or physically walk through a location chosen as your memory palace to add a flare of tactile to this visual technique.

If you are interested in learning more about learning style or preferences, click here.


ABOUT JJTCMC We provide authentic clinic-oriented and affordable top quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture diploma programs, certificates, courses, and CEUs for all skill levels including but not limited to R.ACs, R.TCMPs, RMTs, PTs, D.Cs and the public. MISSION To provide the highest level of authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine instruction in order to produce quality Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals and thereby, by virtue of producing efficacious Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine use to the general public. In short, our objective is to make quality Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals accessible to all and we start by ensuring access to quality Traditional Chinese Medicine education is affordable and flexible.

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