"To innovate, one must follow the ancients first;
To practice virtue, one must perfect skills with sincerity."

JJTCMC ethos


Core Programs

Chinese Medicine Herbs
Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM Acupuncture Diploma

Full-time: 2 years
Part-time: up to 4 years
Program hour: 2120
Clinical hours: 545

TCM Diploma

Full-time: 3 years
Part-time: up to 5 years
Program hour: 2660
Clinical hours: 560

R.Ac to R.TCMP Diploma

Years: 1.5-2
Classroom hours: Case-specific
Clinical hours: 300

RMT/PT/D.C Acupuncture Certificate

Months: 6-9
Classroom hours: 240
Practical hours: 60




Authentic Instruction

Accessible Education

Clinical and Academic Excellence


News & Resources


What is the best TCM or Acupuncture School?

John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College (JJTCMC) provides the following as a guide to what makes the best Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture school, college, or program. If you find yourself navigating a sea of dizzying options, it is our hope that what follows provides you with your direction.

Access to TCM Research Journals

Interested in free online access to a repository of TCM Research papers? Look no further!


WeChat Official Account

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3 Day Free Trial

At JJTCMC, we know that committing to a course of study at a new school is a big deal. We want you to know with certainty that you are in the right place before you even start your first class. As a result, we welcome all prospective students to take full advantage of our free trial: choose any 3 days from the current term's timetable and sit in on all scheduled classes. Watch, listen and get a feel for how we do things at JJTCMC. We're confident you'll like what you see. Our staff will also be happy to take you for a school tour and answer any questions that may arise during your trial.


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