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"To innovate, one must follow the ancients first;
To practice virtue, one must perfect skills with sincerity."

JJTCMC ethos

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English Sprint Course for TCM Board Exam - Enrollment is still open!

The English Sprint Course at John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College provides the most comprehensive test-taking preparation for prospective candidates. The course consists of review lectures and practice exams target essential testing content. This combination practically help students build up efficient test-taking skills in a limited time frame. It also prepare you a calm mindset toward the Board Exam. The course consists of ten lessons, six of which focus on core contents, include Fundamental Theory, Diagnostics 1 & 2, Internal Medicine, Gynaecology, Acupuncture) and four of which include computer-based mock exams, summary review, and test question explanation. This is a condensed 10-session course full of useful knowledge and techniques.

Course period:

2023 Jan 29 to April 2, every Sunday from 1:00-5:00pm

The four mock exams will be held on February 19, February 26, March 26, and April 2.

Enrollment inquiries:

Contact Jenny at 647-918-0965

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JJTCMC's official pass rate for the 2020 October, 2021 April and Oct computerized Pan-Canadian TCM and Acupuncture written and clinical exams is: 


We did it,  again!

The 2021 Pan-Canadian October TCM and acupuncture written and clinical exam results are in with another 100% pass rate; Congratulations to our students, graduates, and faculty!


We offer clinical and classroom training in all areas of practice that can be found in a Chinese TCM hospital:

Internal Medicine, Gynecology, External Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Traumatology, Dermatology, Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology



During clinical practice, we guarantee that students will gain exposure to an extensive range of illnesses, for example:

Paralysis, tumors, cancer, stroke, autism, COPD, cardiovascular diseases, infertility, PCOS, epilepsy, ADHD, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, angina, cerebral palsy, chronic gastritis, psoriasis, infantile eczema, trigeminal myalgia, autoimmune diseases


When our graduates encounter tough cases in their practice, they know they can drop us a line or give us a call so we can share ideas and provide guidance.

We also invite renowned professors and TCM masters from China to deliver onsite seminars ranging from the classics through to the state-of-the-art in clinic.



A key aspect of our mandate is to provide authentic Chinese university quality education.

As a result, our senior TCM faculty are backed by 20+ years of clinical expertise, an education from prestigious TCM Universities in China, and years of practice as doctors in a TCM Hospital in China. Our senior Faculty members teach more than 80% of programme courses.


Course auditing at no cost until graduation means you can re-attend completed courses as a refresher.

We also welcome long-distance learners to remotely attend select theoretical lectures through our E-Learning platform

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Core Programs

Chinese Medicine Herbs
Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM Acupuncture Diploma

Full-time: 2 years
Part-time: up to 4 years
Program hour: 2120
Clinical hours: 545

TCM Diploma

Full-time: 3 years
Part-time: up to 5 years
Program hour: 2660
Clinical hours: 560

R.Ac to R.TCMP Diploma

Years: 1.5-2
Classroom hours: Case-specific
Clinical hours: 300

RMT/PT/D.C Acupuncture Certificate

Months: 6-9
Classroom hours: 225
Practical hours: 75

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3 Day Free Trial

At JJTCMC, we know that committing to a course of study at a new school is a big deal. We want you to know with certainty that you are in the right place before you even start your first class. As a result, we welcome all prospective students to take full advantage of our free trial: choose any 3 days from the current term's timetable and sit in on all scheduled classes. Watch, listen and get a feel for how we do things at JJTCMC. We're confident you'll like what you see. Our staff will also be happy to take you for a school tour and answer any questions that may arise during your trial.

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Vanessa Foteu

I am a graduate of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Program at JJTCMC from 2018. John, Jenny, Jessica and staff are very knowlegable and caring. They care about all their students and want them to become excellent practitioners. They are very passionate about Chinese Medicine and you can feel that in the school. They gave me excellent hands on training in the school by allowing me to job shadow John (who has been a Chinese Medicine Pratitioner since the 1980s) and by me treating patients in the student clinic. I feel very confident in what I learned at the school and now I work in clinic, teach classes and tutor. I have no trouble recommending the school as I feel it has become like a second home.

Authentic Instruction

Accessible Education

Clinical and Academic Excellence

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News & Resources


What is the best TCM or Acupuncture School?

John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College (JJTCMC) provides the following as a guide to what makes the best Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture school, college, or program. If you find yourself navigating a sea of dizzying options, it is our hope that what follows provides you with your direction.

Access to TCM Research Journals

Interested in free online access to a repository of TCM Research papers? Look no further!


WeChat Official Account

We welcome you to join us in our official WeChat Account; scan the QR code above or simply click below. See you there.

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