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John & Jenny TCM Clinic Centre, Cancer Centre and Rehab Centre

Clinic Centre

The largest integrated TCM clinic centre that has been serving the GTA(greater Toronto Area) for more than 10 years. We are honoured by the big responsibilities we carry in community health, with that we are also motivated to always enhance our knowledges and skills to help more patients. We are currently located in the junction between Markham and Richmond Hill. Our new place is approximately 3000 sq.ft in size, providing patients with spacious treatment rooms, wide selection of TCM herbs and patent medicine, and exceptional facilities and services.
To ensure less waiting time, and more targeted patient care, we have established a full range of departments so patients can choose practitioners that have extensive experiences in particular departments. Departments we offer now include department of internal medicine, department of gynaecology, department of aesthetics, department of orthopaedics and traumatology, department of pediatrics, department of dermatology, and department of acupuncture and tuina.

Cancer Centre

Being the largest cancer-specific traditional Chinese Medicine Centre in Canada, has been helping patients on their journey against cancer for more than 10 years. Whether it’s brain tumour or liver cancer, leukaemia or melanoma, we have fought along with patients of many different kinds of cancer, and making cancers shrink or even disappear every single day. To us, cancer is not scary, rather it’s a shout-out from the body that indicates a clear imbalance of yin and yang. Our treatment principle”to always reinforce the body’s self-repairing system first and then remove cancerous toxins” has been the guiding motto in the success of our treatments. Our unique treatment method created by Prof. John Jin Hong Liu – Acupuncture and TCM Herbs combined Target Treatment, has been the very secret to our patients’ high survival rate. Over the past 10 years, JJTCMCC has helped hundreds of cancer patients, many remains good contact with our clinic to give us feedbacks on their recovery journey. Patients also travels from all around North America to see our leading doctor, Prof. John Jin Hong Liu. From far east of Vancouver, to south of the United States, patients trusted us in giving them the last thread of hope, and in many times, we make it happen. Prof. John Jin Hong Liu also selfless shared his clinical experience with cancer in various national conferences and forums, making sure that the value of traditional Chinese medicine in cancer treatment is properly recognized and treasured.​

Services Offered:

TCM Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Occupational Therapy

Student Clinic

Open 10am – 6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Closed Thursdays and Sundays

Note: Groupon vouchers for treatment are only applicable to Student Clinic treatment sessions.

Every diploma student at John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College is required to complete at least 500 hours of clinical training, gaining real hands-on experience on treating illnesses. At John & Jenny TCM College, it is guaranteed that students get to participate in the treatment of all categories of diseases required by the CTCMPAO, including internal medicine diseases, external medicine diseases, gynaecological diseases, pediatric diseases, orthopedics and traumatological diseases.Under the guidance of our principal John Jin Hong Liu (R.TCMP & R.Ac), students will also have the privilege to participate in the treatment of many catastrophic illnesses including brain injury, spinal injury, paralysis, leukemia, tumor, cancer, stroke, autism, severe pulmonary disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Treatment of pain disorders is just a percentage of what’s expected in clinical training. At John & Jenny TCM College, we believe in the tremendous value of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the medical field, and will teach students to combat all kinds of diseases effectively and professionally.

At our teaching clinic, with the teaching practitioner as the main treatment determiner, students can interact with patients, perform symptom gathering and analysis, undergo guided diagnosis and treatment planning, and then participate in the treatment of the patients by performing moxibustion, cupping, dermal needle, and many other supplementary techniques. However, final patient diagnosis, acupuncture treatment and herbal prescription are still performed by experienced practitioners.

At our supervised student clinic, students become independent and take care of patient by themselves in groups of 3-5. To qualify for student clinic, student must pass the student clinic entry exam which tests on their safety and hands-on skills. All diagnosis and treatment will be performed by student groups under the supervision of a registered acupuncturist or TCM Practitioner.


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