Explore Top Careers After Education from a Toronto Chinese Medicine School

After earning a certificate or finishing a degree from a top Toronto Chinese medicine school, you can enter many different career fields. A common misconception is that once a person completes acupuncture training in Toronto, he or she is limited to only working as an acupuncturist. However, in this capacity, that individual has many career options.


If this is something that you are interested in, make sure that you attend a school that is accredited and known for offering studies for the best Chinese medicine in Toronto. As a result, you will have far more career options while working as an acupuncturist than if you attended a college with an average rating. Also, the type of job opportunities that you will have after attending an accredited TCM college would depend on the program completed.


  • Group or Private Practice – By completing a three to five-year TCM diploma program, you could work as a professional Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with a group or in private practice. As a practitioner, you would be qualified in multiple areas, including acupuncture and clinical practice using different acupuncture techniques. You would even be allowed to practice herbal medicine.
  • Day Spas – It is becoming more common to find acupuncturists working at day spas. The goal is to provide guests with an experience of full mind and body healing. By combining massage, facials, wraps, and a host of other treatments with acupuncture, acupuncturists make people look and feel better.
  • Facial Rejuvenation – If you complete your education at a top TCM college for cosmetic acupuncture, you can work in a variety of environments. In this role, you would offer your patients a viable alternative to invasive procedures associated with traditional medicine, including Botox injections, facelifts, chemical peels, and more. Although cosmetic acupuncture reduces the signs of lines and wrinkles and firms sagging skin, it produces more natural-appearing results.


The bottom line is that whether you finish a certification course, a two to four-year program, a three to five-year program, or a postgraduate program, you will have your choice of many exciting and rewarding career options.


At the John and Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College, we offer all of these educational opportunities. Whether you decide to practice on your own or with someone or perhaps get into the academic arena of teaching other students acupuncture, our studies will help you succeed. For detailed information about our college and the available programs, please give us a call or visit our website.


Mistakes You May Make While Selecting a Chinese Medicine College

Just as you would do if selecting any other type of college, you want to avoid making some common mistakes pertaining to a Chinese medicine college. After all, not all colleges that offer Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) courses are the same. With the information provided, you will know exactly what to do in identifying the best college for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto.

  • No Accreditation – Regardless of how good a TCM college appears or how impressed you are, unless it has proper accreditation, stay away. With accreditation, a college is required to go through a validation process. This involves the college going before a peer review board whereby members evaluate its standards. Simply put, always choose an accredited college for traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto.
  • Wrong Area of Interest – Initially, you may be focused on learning one particular method of TCM, only to decide at some point that you want to expand your options through more extensive education. For example, after starting school, you may determine that acupuncture is your area of interest. However, unless the college that you chose offers the appropriate courses for this, you may have no choice but to start your search over to find the top acupuncture schools.
  • Poor Curriculum – When attending a TCM college, take time to review the way in which the curriculum is presented. Usually, textbooks are written in English, thereby helping you with Chinese medicine college reading. However, some Chinese medicine schools use books written in Chinese or broken English. For you to be the best acupuncturist or practitioner possible, you obviously have to understand the curriculum.
  • Limited Courses – Remember, traditional Chinese medicine is comprised of many methods, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi Gong, and so on. Therefore, when selecting the best school, make sure it covers all of the necessary courses for the type of certification or degree that you want.
  • Not Complying with US Regulations – Today, strict regulations are in place in five Canadian provinces, as well as all but six states in the US. For anyone who wants to professionally practice TCM, avoid colleges that do not meet all of the mandated government regulations.

By using the information provided, you will have no problem selecting the right college for traditional Chinese medicine in Toronto. The John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College is an exceptional choice. You can choose from five unique programs to start your journey toward becoming a registered acupuncturist or licensed practitioner. Please visit our website to learn more or call us to speak to a college representative.